TELETEC Amateur RF Linear Power Amplifiers


Power Output Capabilities Of Our Amps

Typical Linear Power Output Chart DXP/DXR

Standard Duty DXP (Mobile or Fixed USE)

The TELETEC DXP Series amplifiers are high specification, all mode LINEAR amplifiers with built-in preamplifiers. The attractive low profile unit is built around a die cast aluminum heat sink. Workmanship is to the highest commercial standards - surface mount technology is also used.

The amplifier detects both over-temperature and high VSWR conditions. Should the amplifier reach a temperature greater than 100 degrees C or see a VSWR greater than 3:1, the amplifier will latch off and will bypass the RF input signal to the antenna connector. The front panel fault light will indicate this condition. Bypass operation will continue until the power switch is cycled off/on. Normal operation will begin again if the unit has cooled or the VSWR condition is removed and the power switch is cycled.

To ensure linear operation (class AB2) the bias circuit is temperature compensated and regulated to prevent changes in bias current with changes in drive power or supply voltage. This results in much lower distortion in the SSB mode of operation and higher output power in the FM mode of operation. The UHF unit is ready for ATV use right out of the box - no modifications are required.

The amplifier also has provisions for external keying and for disabling the preamplifier circuit. Two miniature banana jacks are located near the power leads; connected wire harnesses are provided for.

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6 Meter Amplifiers (50-54Mhz)

2 Meter Amplifiers (144-148Mhz)

1 1/4 Meter Amplifiers (222-225Mhz)

70 Centimeter Amplifiers (420-450Mhz)