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 Miniature, PC based HF/VHF

0.1- 180 MHz. Antenna analyzer

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The miniVNA is a tiny antenna analyzer working from 0.1 to 180MHz. It is connected to the computer with just one USB cable with power being supplied over the USB port. An internal option for serial (RS-232) communications is available as well.

The miniVNA allows you to quickly analyze any antenna over a user defined frequency range between 0.1 and 180MHz and view all paramaters in real time. You can see at a glance where the antenna is resonant, what the SWR is and what the return loss is. The best (minimal) SWR frequency is automatically found and displayed.

Two markers can be freely placed within the shown frequency range and measure impedance [Z], resistance [R], phase as well as  and values at these points.

In addition, other functions of the miniVNA allow you to measure cable losses, cable length, transmission, bandwidth and quality of filters etc.

With its extremely small size, low power consumption and easy to use software interface, the miniVNA offers a perfect device for HF/VHF measurements for the radio amateur. Whether at home, in your shack, during field day or on a expedition, the mini VNA makes antenna analysis a snap. Size 3.5 x3.3 x 1’’ Connectors: BNC. Software is available for Windows™ and Linux™ operating systems.

The mini-VNA can be used together with a Bluetooth adaptor. Here the internal RS-232 serial interface is used. Both, the Bluetooth adaptor and the mini-VNA must be supplied with power from an external source (e.g. battery). The computer must have a Bluetooth interface. This enables remote wireless measurements.


Technical specifications

  • Frequency coverage 0.1MHz to 180MHz
  • DDS Generator with 0 dBm output
  • 2 BNC Ports allow Transmission Measurements e.g. filters, traps
  • USB1.1 and USB2 compatibility
  • RS232 optional socket for Pocket PC`s or Remote Displays
  • Fast Scan (typical 0.6 sec for 500 points)
  • Use of an internal Industrial Directional Coupler
  • High Reflection Dynamic Range 40dB to 35dB (VSWR 1.06:1 or better)
  • Wide Transmission Dynamic Range > 50-55dB
  • Measures VSWR, RL, Rs, Z +/-jx, Phase, Cable length, R/L/C
  • Finds Minimum VSWR automatically
  • New transparent box with LED indicators for the operation status
  • In-Circuit-Programming for future firmware onboard CPU upgrades
  • Operation from 3.6V Phone Batteries possible (current drawn <150mA)
  • Software compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Save and Load of previous measurements
  • Software for Pocket PC available

 In addition new Features have been added such as:

  • Automatic Port and Regional Setting

  • Improved Error Handling

  • Generator Frequency Calibration

  • Reflection/Transmission Calibration

  • Built in Configuration

  • Large Readout Display for SWR and Frequency

  • Logarithmic Scaling for SWR

  • Lower CPU-Load

  • Improved Graphics and GUI

  • Single Sweep (CPU-Load <10%)

  • Automated Cable Length Measurement

  • Screen Foreground/Background Colours User selectable

  • Selectable Loss Auto-Scale


Bluetooth-Kit for the mini-VNA

It is possible to use the mini-VNA wireless via a Bluetooth kit. For this purpose, a Bluetooth transceiver is connected to the internal serial interface. The computer uses the built-in or an optional Bluetooth device (USB stick etc.).

This offers the possibility to make remote measurements wireless, for example right at the base of the antenna: The mini-VNA, equipped with the BT adaptor and an external battery is installed right at the device under test and talks to the computer via BT.

Required is a stand-alone BT transmitter and a BT USB Stick (if the computer is not already equipped with BT). You will require a power supply for the Bluetooth transmitter and the mini-VNA, plus a connecting cable between the mini-VNA and the BT transmitter (the mini-VNA has the serial port)




Included in shipment:

  • mini-VNA USB Cable CD with Software Leaflet 'Quick Installation Guide'
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