WiNRADiO Hardware

The WiNRADiO receiver card plugs into a slot on the motherboard of your IBM compatible computer. The card contains a micro-processor-controlled, sensitive wide-band receiver, with connectors for an antenna and an external speaker or a headphone.

Technical Specifications

  • Receiver Type PLL-synthesized, triple conversion superheterodyne
  • Frequency Range 500 kHz to 1.3 GHz
  • (In some countries, certain frequencies may be omitted to comply with local government regulations.)

  • Tuning Steps 0.5kHz to 1MHz
  • Mode AM, FM-W, FM-N, SSB
  • Sensitivity 0.5uV (typically)
  • Audio Output 200mW into 8 ohm load
  • System Requirements

  • IBM PC compatible computer with 386 processor or above
  • DOS 3.3 or Windows 3.1 or better (including Windows 95)
  • 640kB RAM (4MB recommended for Windows use)
  • Vacant slot for 16-bit interface card
  • Speaker or headphones with standard 3.5mm plug