LNA-5000 Broadband Preamplifier 


LNA-5000 Mast-Mounted Broad Band Preamplifier

50 MHz. – 5.0 GHz.

The LNA-5000 features a modern SiGe-amplifier chip and is built on a low-loss ceramic-microwave substrate achieving a low noise figure with over 20 dB of gain over a bandwidth of 5.0 GHz.   N- Female sockets for RF In/Out are featured

The large signal handling performance of the LNA-5000 is outstanding with an IP3 of >30 dBm.

IMD products due to the high sum of signals encountered with larger antennas are nearly impossible.

The LNA 5000 can serve as as an all-around preamplifier/amplifier combination for many applications to improve the sensitivity of scanners, receiving systems as well lab or measurement equipment such as counters, spectrum analyzers etc.

The LNA 5000 can serve as a low power linear amplifier having a linear output of up to 20dBm. The DC supply voltage of the amplifier can be feed directly to the SO239 power connector or remotely via the coaxial cable.

The LNA 5000 is mounted in a weatherproof housing and can be mounted directly at the antenna to maximize signal reception overcoming feed-line losses. The mast mounting clamps are hot-dip galvanized, all screws and nuts are made of stainless steel. 

For remote powering, we recommended our DCC-5000PRO bias-T


 Technical Data



Frequency range [MHz]:



Gain / Noise figure (typ.) [dB]:

23 / 1,9 at 200 MHz
22 / 2 
at 500 MHz
21 / 2 
at 1000 MHz
18 / 2,8 
at 3000 MHz

Connection norm:


Bypass Relays:

No……..The LNA-5000 is a standalone LNA

Operating voltage [V]:

13,8 VDC  (Direct or Remote Feed)

Current consumption [mA]:


Weight [g]:   (lbs)

[500]    (1.25)

Max. Mast diameter [mm]:     (in.)

[58]     (2.25”)



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