ZS-400 400 W Software Defined Transceiver


The ZS-400 is a full featured highly linear digital software defined transceiver with 400 W output.


This completely digital working HF transceiver is based on the popular and well known Zeus ZS-1 platform. It is equipped with a compact, C

controlled power amplifier that generates 400 W PEP. As a further feature, the linearity of the overall system has been optimized by digital pre-distortion,

achieving an IP3 of > -40 dB.


- Integrated Zeus ZS-1

- High output 400 W

- Digital distortion-free

- Best price / performance ratio of any transceiver in its class


The ZS-400 transceiver receiver covers all frequencies from 300 kHz to 30 MHz.  High-quality bandpass filters for the amateur radio bands insure

high receive selectivity and decoupling during receive and transmit.  The ZS-400 software includes a waterfall spectrum display to inform the operator

about all activities on the observed bands.

The built-in display reflects the transceiver status & operation. All control functions are carried out via a high-contrast touch screen. This display is a High-rel device that is highly robust and perfect for interactive functions.






Frequency range [MHz]:

0.3 30

Sensitivity (MDS, Preamp on) [dBm]:


Sensitivity (MDS, Preamp off) [dBm]:


Blocking Level (Preamp on) [dBm]:


Blocking Level (Preamp off) [dBm]:


Inband IIP2 (Preamp off) [dBm]:


Inband IIP3 (Preamp off) [dBm]:


Attenuators [dB]:

4, 10, 14

 Recording bandwidth [kHz]:

10, 20, 40, 100

Viewing Bandwidth [kHz]:

160, 320, 800, 1600, 4000

IQ data bit-width:

24, 32





Frequency range [m]:

HF HAM bands 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80, 160

Output power [W]:

max. 400 PEP

Harmonics Level [dB]:

< -50

Non harmonics Level [dB]:

< -78

Bandwidth [kHz]:


IQ data bit-width:




Common characteristics:


PC Interface (data & control):

USB 2.0

Supply voltage [V]:


Supply current (receive) [A]:


Supply current (transmit) [A]:




The integrated display allows the following functions to be reflected:

Current status messages, output power, SWR, selected band, temperature, power, voltage, time / date

The transmitter output power can be adjusted from a minimum of 0 dBm at all frequencies from 300 kHz to 30 MHz (for antenna analysis or for transverter

control) up to an output level 400 W maximum. A power monitor provides additional information about operating voltage and power requirements. 

An SWR indicator is also available.

Other connections:

- Supply voltage 48 V / 30 A

- Stereo KEY connection for paddle or conventional keyer

- Stereo PTT connection for manual transmission activation via footswitch

- ALC (Automatic Level Control)

- TX RCA connection (contact closed at the transmit mode)

- ACC connection allows the control of up to eight external devices

The ZS-400 comes with Zeus Radio software which was written for the ZS-1 and provides access to all its functions up to the extensive settings for the

digital signal processing of the microphone input and the integrated CW Keyer. 


Ham Radio Deluxe, SDR.com and SDRmax III can also be used together with the ZS-400.

Availability is scheduled for late 2015. Watch this page for continuous updates.