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LINGUA V12 Speech Extraction System


In every language, human speech exhibits the typical characteristic of being modulated in a range of 0.8 Hertz to 7 Hertz. This up and down waveform of the speech component forms the so called envelope curve.

While researching and developing the LINGUA patented noise suppression / speech extraction system, focus was placed by the Michels Engineering Bureau on a system design based upon the recognition of human speech by its characteristic envelope curve. This allows the Lingua System to isolate the speech component, perform the necessary processing and extract the speech without noise.  Our technology yields unsurpassed speech without noise performance.

The Lingua system is capable of processing  a full 12 kHz of audio bandwidth making it suitable for SSB, FM and AM communications.

Lingua is the ideal noise reduction system for: Amateur Radio, SWL, Military, and Commercial Communications, In addition, the Lingua system has gained wide acceptance in the Surveillance, Emergency Services, and Racing industries.

The Lingua V12 DSP Speech Extractor is ideally suited for use in a variety of audio applications requiring the extraction of speech waveforms with the elimination of noise to achieve the maximum Speech to Noise Intelligibility ratio (SNIR). 

The Lingua System uses a sophisticated DSP-algorithm that is stored within the flash memory in the Lingua. Our system is so effective that even the frequency range of the interfering noise is irrelevant. Noise may even occupy the identical range of the voice content being processed.  Unlike other noise reduction systems, Lingua identifies and process the envelope curve associated with human speech!


The receive quality especially on short wave decreases nearly from day to day. Due to the broadband and other services, the transmitted speech is often overlaid by interference (QRM) such as  whistling, crackling noises, woodpecker interference, or whatever.

With our advanced technology LINGUA V12, you are now in the position to totally remove this interferences either or minimize it significantly. This results is a much better signal to noise ratio (S/N) to enabling readability even under the worst conditions.

Our Lingua Speech-Extractor combines an advanced noise suppression / speech extraction algorithm with a state of the art hardware design to offer unsurpassed processing and extraction of the voice waveform.  The Lingua uses a patented design which is tailored for the most demanding communications applications.  Shouldn't a LINGUA be in your shack?


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The above picture shows a disturbed speech-signal in the 40 m-band. In the first half of the spectragram, LINGUA is deactivated, in the second half LINGUA has been activated. You can clearly see that the noise approaches zero. Just the speech (as transmitted) and not the unwanted noise reaches the AF-output of LINGUA allowing it to be heard on the normal station speaker and / or headphone. 

Please click on any of the following audio demo's to hear the LINGUA system in action.

40 METER DEMO                       






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