BEKO HLV-550    70 cm RF Power Amplifier with 550 Watts of RF output


Designed for Weak Signal, Digital, & Contest Operation!

The BEKO HLV-550 employs advanced German engineered solid state technology to deliver instant on, no compromise performance.

Due to its small foot print and light weight, the HLV-550 is the ideal amplifier for: Contest, portable, EME & home station operation.


HLV-550 Features:
* Instant on ** No warm up needed** -- **Don’t miss the opening**
* No tuning required.
* Covers 430-440 MHz.     Note this amplifier does not cover 440-450 Mhz. due to its narrow band filtering.
* Full output with only 25 watts drive level.  (Other drive levels are available **Please contact us**)

* 550 watts RF Output SSB/CW/Digital Modes/FM

* Output Transistors: MRFE6VP6300H        


* 1 dB Compression Point     500 W

* Harmonics                            -70dBc

* Spurious                               - 70dBc

* Return Loss                          20 dB

* Max. SWR                            1.8 : 1

* WSJT / Digital Modes at rated output 

* New, super fast, accidental-overdrive / spike protection up to 150W
* Built-in IMD indication


* An integrated sequenced voltage to control external mast-mounted preamplifiers is provided. A built in Bias-T allows the preamp

  voltage to be injected onto the coaxial cable. For those preamplifiers that can’t be powered via the coax and require a separate

  VDC cable, the sequenced voltage is available via a back panel connection.

  As with all Beko Elektronik amplifiers, a front panel switch allows the user to select external preamp On / Off function thus allowing

  the preamplifier to be switched in-line or off-line. The HLV-550 provides a direct connection via the coaxial cable to the new

  Beko HPP-432 2.5 kW mast mounted preamplifiers.

* Extremely High efficiency    

* Extremely light weight          22 lbs.

* Dimensions                          300 x 170 x 470mm    (11.8 x 6.69 x 18.5” WHD)

* Voltage Requirements:         180-260 VAC 50/60 Hz. for Rated Output      100-130 VAC at reduced power output

* Operating Conditions:          0…….40 degrees C


All Beko amplifiers are VSWR, Overdrive and Temperature Protected.

            BEKO amplifiers are “the best of the best” VHF UHF & SHF high-power linear amplifiers available worldwide!

When you want the best – buy a Beko Elektronik Amplifier from SSB Electronic USA – the only Beko

Factory Authorized Service and Sales Center for USA, Canada & SA.


BEKO HLV-550LPD    70 cm RF Power Amplifier with 550 Watts of RF output with as little

as 3 mW RF Drive


                                                “From Milliwatts to Kilowatts”


Designed to interface with low power SDR’s.

Switchable from Low power RF Drive Levels to Standard Drive levels at the flick of a switch.



SSB ELECTRONIC USA is pleased to announce the new HLV-550LPD.  This amplifier have been designed specifically

for use with low RF output drive level SDR Transceivers.


The HLV-550LPD  70 cm linear amplifier will provide 550 W of RF output with drives levels as low as +4 to +18.0 dBm

(2.5 mW – 65.0 mW). 


This amplifier included a high linearity pre-driver operating at 48.0 VDC as well as a user adjustable input attenuator

to set the appropriate low level RF drive for full RF output power. 


As part of SSB Electronic USA & Beko Elektronik’s policy of no obsolescence, a rear panel switch allows the user to switch

between low power drive as well as the standard higher power drive levels of 5 – 25 watts specified at time of order.


All the Beko Elektronik Amplifier standard features such as:  Integrated Power Supplies, Overdrive, VSWR, temperature

protection, as well as an integrated multi-level sequencer to allow external preamplifier control and voltage feed via the

coaxial cable or via a separate feed to interface with the new Beko 2.5 kW series of Mast-Mounted Low Noise Preamplifiers.


The HLV-550LPD has all the same specifications as the HLV-550
* Full output with +4 to + 18.0 dBm (2.5 mW – 65.0 mW) switchable to the standard drive level placed at time of order.



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